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This is the TO-SEE list. It holds my vision driven dreams.

What is the difference between a bucket list and my "TO SEE" list? This list is specific to things I want to see. It may morph into a bucket list. It may expand as I lose vision and figure out new ways to experience the world around me. It is not complete. It is my vision.​


Team Sweet Emily is working hard to make this list happen (and I am just SO grateful). Time is essential because of the progression of the tumor. Some of these I know are far fetched and will most likely not happen. But, it's a working list and as I talk and think more I'm adding to it. 


Items in bold have been completed...




Greece (and Italy and Turkey) 
Australia / The Great Barrier Reef

Ride an elephant 


Swim in a waterfall

Swim with sharks - swam in a tank next

to whqrks in a tnk*

Celine Dion in concert

Learn how to drive stick - pending/claimed

Hold a Koala

White Water rafting (zikind of- a mqn mde

river rqpids)

Floral Nails

Penguins... to be expanded on

Swim with manatees in Florida

See a whale up close

Go snow tubing

Ride the slide at Atlantis

Hang gliding

See the northern lights

Statue of Liberty - up close

New Orleans

Bungee Jump

TOTS Flag Picture

Another Virginia Tech football game

Sunrise from my roof in NYC

Tell my story in a Columbia/NYP Commercial "Amazing Things are Happening Here"

Ride in a hot air balloon - purchased, to be scheduled

Publish something I wrote

Be interviewed by Oprah

See a Cirque De Soleil Show

Have Under Water photos taken

Ride in a helicopter

Dog sledding in Alaska

Learn to surf in Hawaii

Go to Colorado 

Cirque du Soleil

Baltimore Inner harbor, smash crabs

Wicked On Broadway (or another show) - in progress

Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

Sleep in Cinderella's Castle in Disney 

Attend a show at Fashion Week

(Re)connect with Hoda Kotb

The monarach butterfly migration






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